Building More Than Structures: Building Community

Meeder Development Corporation’s projects have revitalized Lancaster’s urban buildings, and, in doing so, have revitalized Lancaster’s great community in many ways as well.

The Center City Lofts, completed by Meeder Development in 2011, are an especially significant community contribution, as they essentially served as the final two rebirths of the culturally significant eastern side of the first block of Queen Street’s redevelopment.

Nestled behind Queen Street and Lancaster’s historic Courthouse and behind Christian Street Court, these beautifully modern and spacious lofts are home to Character’s Pub, and place their owners directly into the heart of downtown, and within walking distance from just about everything–from Central Market to the Fulton Opera House.

Another attractive characteristic of the Center City Lofts is their versatility. Within the buildings themselves, there are a myriad of things going on: people living, retail businesses flourishing, and offices hard at work. This mixed-use role serves to make the lofts an even more unique and meaningful contribution to the culture currently being built upon in Lancaster.

The Lofts, up to 3,000 square feet in size, offer views and outdoor decks with every unit, which encourages building community relationships and networking, and help to connect locals in a natural, comfortable setting. Upper levels afford owners great city views, and picturesque peeks at sunrises and sunsets, as well as convenient, on-site parking.

Through the creation of these refreshingly unique lofts, Meeder Development has proven the ‘Meeder Method’ for success to be true once again. The Meeder Method is founded on a singular, important purpose: envisioning great changes within the community through to the long-term. Often, when planning a project, the long-term success of the venture can be overlooked, and this becomes increasingly problematic as time goes on. Meeder Development sees the long-term planning process as critical from the start, and uses it to ensure that projects carried out will be successful both now and in the future.

Center City Lofts is joined at the hip with Christian Street Court, shopping, parking access, and a common vision of the future. Combined, they have beautifully changed the block as well as the perception of this block in downtown Lancaster. Their accomplishments help to clearly paint an exciting picture of the future direction of Lancaster’s great city, as the changes we have seen thus far are only the beginning.