"Understanding the CRIZ in Central Pennsylvania"


By John Meeder, September 9, 2015 at 3:00 AM

Understanding the CRIZ in Central Pennsylvania: PARTS 1 – 4

Guest Contributer John Meeder writes for Central Pennsylvania Business Journal about the CRIZ.

In 2013, Lancaster and Bethlehem were fortunate to be designated as the first cities in Pennsylvania for the City Revitalization Improvement Zone Program (CRIZ).

As president of Meeder Development Corp., about to celebrate its 30th anniversary in December, I have dedicated much of my work in Lancaster City and county on challenging projects and have needed to creatively employ government programs to develop them.John Meeder is a real estate developer, consultant and the owner and president of Meeder Development Corporation and Meedcor Realty.

The focus of this series of articles will be dedicated to understanding specifically the CRIZ program. Later I hope to write about other important development issues and opportunities in Lancaster as well as other cities in Pennsylvania… (Continue Reading here)

Series “Understanding the CRIZ in Central Pennsylvania” Read the whole article here

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